OU Postdoctoral Scholars

Welcome to the OU Postdoctoral Scholar resource page. This page is considered "under construction". Expect additional resources and updates to be added.

J Quyen Wickham (Strategic Research Coordintor, CRPDE) serves as the University of Oklahoma Postdoctoral Coordinator. A Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (PAC) advises Quyen and the VPR/CRPDE office. In 2015, the PAC recommended to OU this definition of Postdoctoral Scholar be used at OU:

"A postdoctoral scholar ("postdoc") is an individual holding a doctoral degree who is engaged in a temporary period of mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue a career path."

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Official OU Postdoctoral Mailing List

CRPDE maintains the official OU Postdoctoral Mailing List. All OU postdocs are strongly encouraged to provide their OU 4x4 to J Quyen Wickham (qwickham@ou.edu) to be added to the list. The list is used for information and resources pertinent to OU postdocs.


National Postdoctoral Association

OU is an institutional member of the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA: http://www.nationalpostdoc.org/). All OU postdocs are affiliate members. If you are an OU postdoc, contact J Quyen Wickham about accessing your membership.


OU Postdoctoral Association

Several OU postdocs are in the process of establishing a local OU Postdoctoral Association. For more information, contact Tingting Gu (Tingting.Gu-1@ou.edu).

Postdoc mentoring plans are highly recommended wether or not required by funding agencies. As postdocs are trainees, a well developed mentoring plan may be vital to providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a competitive market.


According the the National Postdoctoral Association:

Postdoctoral mentoring typically includes support for maximizing research skills and productivity as part of professional development as well as assistance in preparing for career success. Today postdocs need to consider all of their career options (academia, industry, nonprofit, governmental), and so effective mentoring becomes even more essential to their success.


Postdoctoral mentoring plans can provide a blueprint for the critical professional guidance that has been shown to be a key indicator for a successful postdoctoral outcome (Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey, 2004-05). Effective mentoring can lead to more independent, productive and satisfied postdocs. Mentoring plans also can be used to satisfy recent requirements by the National Science Foundation (NSF) on proposals that include support for postdocs. 


We have provided a brief guide for developing a mentoring plan:

Additional resources:

For more assistance with creating a postdoc mentoring plan, Contact CRPDE.

 To remain competitive in the current academic job market, it is important for postdoctoral scholars who intent to pursue faculty careers to remain current on instructional techniques, strategies, and technologies. The OU Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) provides instructional training resources for postdoctoral scholars, including those who do not currently have an instructional role at OU.

Postdoctoral scholars interested in remaining current in instructional practice can take advantage of three CTE resources:

  1. Graduate Teaching Academy. CTE's Graduate Teaching Academy (GTE) is open to all postdocs who are interested in professional development activities focused on enhancing teaching to improve student learning. CRPDE, CTE, and OU's Adult and Higher Education Program is developing a plan for OU's College Teaching Certificate to be customized for postdoctoral scholars. We expect this to be in place by Fall 2017. Postdocs can register for any of the academy workshops here (any workshops taken now will count towards a future College Teaching Certificate): http://www.ou.edu/content/cte/programs/gta-academy.html
  2. Canvas Learning Management System Training. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are used extensively by most higher education institutions and learning to use one is a smart professional development activity for postdocs. Canvas can also be used as a research tool for document management and laboratory communication. CTE's resources open to all postdocs include Online Tutorials and Trainings (One-on-One Consultation is reserved for postdocs with active instructional roles). Top access online resources and sign up for workshops, go to the Faculty Resources page for the Canvas LMS Transition: http://www.ou.edu/content/cte/Archives/canvas-transition/faculty-resources.html
  3. CRPDE Postdosctoral Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring Workshops. CRPDE will be partnering with CTE to provide additional instructional and mentoring workshops specifically for postdocs. Watch our workshops page and make sure you are on the postdocs mailing list for announcements!



The OU Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of OU faculty members and administrators, and at least one postdoctoral researcher. The committee members all have a vested interest in the affairs of postdoctoral researchers. The committee is facilitated by one CRPDE staff member (J Quyen Wickham, Postdoctoral Coordinator). Currently, the committee meets once every fall and spring semester.

Committee membership is currently open to any faculty member with a vested interest in postdoctoral researcher affairs. The postdoctoral researcher representative is chosen by the OU Postdoctoral Association (PDA). Current members are:

  • J Quyen Wickham, Strategic Research Coordinator, OU CRPDE
  • Ben Holt, Associate Professor, Microbiology & Plant Biology
  • Bradley Stevenson, Associate Professor, Microbiology & Plant Biology
  • David Durica, Professor, Biology
  • Ingo Shlupp, Assistant Academic Chair, Biology
  • Marc Levine, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Janet Ward, Director, Humanities Forum
  • Keri Kornelson, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Noel Brady, Professor, Mathematics
  • Amy Cerato, Professor, Civil Engineering & Environmental Sciences
  • Yang Hong, Professor, Civil Engineering & Environmental Sciences
  • Elaine Hsieh, Professor, Communication
  • Dean Hougen, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Jad Ziolkowska, Assistant Professor, Geography & Environbmental Sustainability
  • George Richter-Addo, Presidential Professor, Chemistry
  • Ann West, Professor, Chemistry
  • Michael J. Wenger, Professor, Psychology
  • Tingting Gu, Postdoctoral Researcher, Biology

If you are a faculty member with interest in joining the committee, please contact J Quyen Wickham (qwickham@ou.edu).