Writing a Letter of Support

General Guidelines:

  • Review the grant guidelines: are the funders asking for letters of support or committment?
  • Use institutional or organizational letterhead.
  • Is the signator appropriate to represent the institution or organization?
  • Support letters are generally easier to get and may be written by public officials, community groups, non-profits, etc.
  • For NSF proposals, letters of support are not a standard component unless required by a specific program solicitation (NSF GPG Chapter II.C.2.j).

Opening paragraph:

  • Statement of support (be enthuiastic) and name the proposal by name or title.

Body paragraphs: 

  • If possible, statement of past relationship
  • Describe qualifications of the proposal group or organization
  • How will the project benefit the institution or organization represented by the letter?

Closing paragraph:  

  • Reiterate support and recommend implementation of project