Postdoctoral Advisory Committee

The OU Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of OU faculty members and administrators, and at least one postdoctoral researcher. The committee members all have a vested interest in the affairs of postdoctoral researchers. The committee is facilitated by one CRPDE staff member (J Quyen Wickham, Postdoctoral Coordinator). Currently, the committee meets once every fall and spring semester.

Committee membership is currently open to any faculty member with a vested interest in postdoctoral researcher affairs. The postdoctoral researcher representative is chosen by the OU Postdoctoral Association (PDA). Current members are:

  • J Quyen Wickham, Strategic Research Coordinator, OU CRPDE
  • Ben Holt, Associate Professor, Microbiology & Plant Biology
  • Bradley Stevenson, Associate Professor, Microbiology & Plant Biology
  • David Durica, Professor, Biology
  • Ingo Shlupp, Assistant Academic Chair, Biology
  • Marc Levine, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Janet Ward, Director, Humanities Forum
  • Keri Kornelson, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Noel Brady, Professor, Mathematics
  • Amy Cerato, Professor, Civil Engineering & Environmental Sciences
  • Yang Hong, Professor, Civil Engineering & Environmental Sciences
  • Elaine Hsieh, Professor, Communication
  • Dean Hougen, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Jad Ziolkowska, Assistant Professor, Geography & Environbmental Sustainability
  • George Richter-Addo, Presidential Professor, Chemistry
  • Ann West, Professor, Chemistry
  • Michael J. Wenger, Professor, Psychology
  • Tingting Gu, Postdoctoral Researcher, Biology

If you are a faculty member with interest in joining the committee, please contact J Quyen Wickham (