Faculty Investment Program (FIP) Reality Check Meeting

Mon, 09/14/2015 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Zarrow Hall Community Room

The video for this event is posted here: https://crpde.ou.edu/node/1496

The Faculty Investment Program (FIP), operated by the Norman Campus Research Council, provides funding on a competitive basis to develop and expand the scholarly (i.e., research and creative) activities of Norman campus researchers, including researchers associated with Norman Campus Programs at OU-Tulsa. The FIP is designed to provide maximum flexibility in meeting faculty needs via strategic investment of funds with a high degree of expectation and accountability. Ultimately, FIP is expected to enhance the national and international reputation of the University of Oklahoma via excellence in scholarship.

For more information: https://vpr-norman.ou.edu/research-council/funding/fip

This meeting will present information about the FIP program and answer questions regarding eligibility and competitiveness. Members of the Research Council will be present to answer questions.

OU-Tulsa faculty, please append "-"Tulsa" to your department.