Fellowship Submission Process and Resources

Important: Depending on the funder, the fellowship submission process may require notification of various internal administrative offices. We highly recommend you contact CRPDE once you have identified some opportunities and before contacting the funder(s).

The following activities, usually in this specific order, occur in the fellowship planning and submission process:

  1. Locate / prioritize opportunities: See fellowship opportunity tabs below, sorted broadly by discipline. In particular, consider fellowships that fall into the prestigious or very prestigious category.
  2. Align the project with the funder’s strategic priorities: Contact CRPDE for assistance.
  3. Inform others, including CRPDE (internally and externally): Click here for the Faculty Handbook section (opens in a new window)
  4. Completing and submitting the required OU forms: Click here for the Provost form on Fellowship Leave (PDF)
  5. Communicating with a program officer about your project idea to determine if it’s a good fit
  6. Receive approvals from Chair, Dean, and Provost
  7. Develop proposal application: Contact CRPDE for assistance
  8. Submit application (either directly – yourself – to the funder or through the Office of Research Services [ORS}): Click here to see the Provost's “Policy & Procedures on Prestigious Scholarships & Fellowships" (PDF)


Fellowships are organized into the disciplinary areas in the tabs below. Some fellowship opportunities may appear in more than one discipline if applicable across disciplines.