Basic Pivot

Basic searching in Pivot is most effective used with specific search options:

  • Phrases (2 or more adjacent search terms) should be enclosed in quotations.
  • Bolean searches using AND or OR are permitted.
  • Proximity searches terms close to each other, but not in a phrase (e.g., Childhood w/2 Obesity will search for the terms Childhood and Obesity within two words of each term).
  • Truncated searches for similar terms (e.g., Child* will bring up terms that include Children, Childhood, etc.)

To start searching, go to the Pivot website:, or enter your search term directly here:

Some basic search tips:

  • Some opportunities are disciplinary, rather than topic, specific. Consider broadening your search to include disciplines or fields that might support your research topic.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive
  • Avoid punctuation marks and the articles a, an, or the.
  • COS Pivot provides a short (1:33) Youtube video on basic searches.
  • See more search tips by clicking here.