Internal Funding

The OU Research Council and Office of the OU Vice President for Research maintains several internal funding opportunities that are primarily intended to provide funding that would be difficult to obtain externally.

Office for the Vice President for Research

  • Arts & Humanities Faculty Fellowship Program (AHFF) supports dynamic and innovative research and creative activity projects proposed by regular faculty in the arts, fine arts, and humanities.
  • Publication Support Program (PSP) provides both 1) a subvention funding program (for typesetting, printing, editing, translation, cover art, recording, mixing and distribution) that consists of an equal four-way split of costs; and 2) support for publication costs associated with open access journals and books.

Norman Campus Research Council

  • Faculty Investment Program (FIP) provides funding on a competitive basis to develop and expand the scholarly (i.e., research and creative) activities.
  • Junior Faculty Fellowship Program is designed to help new tenure-track faculty members establish their research/creative activity and make progress to tenure by providing support in areas critical to the development of their programs.

University Strategic Organizations

The Vice President for Research has limited support for University Strategic Organizations that establish units involving multiple disciplines, as well as mature linkages with industry and government, and represent core strategic activities of the University.

Humanities Forum Grants

The Humanities Forum at the University of Oklahoma awards up to five faculty grants of up to $5,000 each per year in support of research and other creative activities corresponding to the Forum’s selected annual theme. The 2018-2019 Forum theme will focus on “Surfaces”.

Internal Funding Opportunities Across the University of Oklahoma

In addition to the Office of the Vice President for Research providing seed funding and internal research funding, additional offices and units at the University provide funding in support of research. Please consult the Internal Funding list for more information: