Internal Graduate Funding

Internal funding for graduate students is organized by the Graduate College and can be found on the Graduate College's Awards and Funding page. This page includes resources and links to scholarships, travel grants, tuition waivers, assistantships, as well as some external funding opportunities. This is the first place to look for funding.


Your own college or department may have funding available. Check with your departmental graduate liasison.


External Graduate Funding

The Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment (CRPDE) aims to complement the funding opportunity information provided by the University of Oklahoma Graduate College. CRPDE provides information about a wide range of external funding programs and resources for preparing competitive proposals.


The federal government provides many opportunities for students and can be found here:


Note: If you are interested in the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP), including eligibility, due dates, and how to apply, click here:


In addition to federal opportunities, many foundations and non-governmental organizations provide funding opportunities. COS Pivot (tab below) can be used to search across all federal and non-federal opportunities.

Some resources are only available to logged-in University of Oklahoma faculty, staff, and students.

This section of the CRPDE Graduate Funding web site focuses on general tools to improve your grant proposals, including workshop videos, and samples of proposal components.


Note: If you are interested in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP), including eligibility, due dates, and how to apply, click here:

Graduate students and post-docs are encouraged to search for funding opportunities in addition to those listed in the External Funding Opportunities table.

COS Pivot
Click on the tab below to learn more about using the COS Pivot funding database.

Graduate Funding Lists and Search Engines at Other Universities

Grants.Gov is your source for finding grants from federal agencies. Click here for an animated tutorial on finding grant opportunities on

Other Search Strategies Any Internet search engine is likely to return thousands or even millions of hits on a non-specific search. For example, a recent Google search for the words graduate, fellowship, and English produced almost 10 million results. Most of them were about fellowships provided by graduate programs at college or universities.

  • To search for only those provided by foundations and private organizations, try limiting your search to the .org domain. This cut the list down to just over half a million results.
  • By putting "graduate fellowship" in quotes and selecting only for pages with this phrase, the list is still very long but manageable.
  • Additional use of the Advanced Search fields, such as limiting results to those in English or from sites in a particular country, narrows the results further.
General Internet searches such as this are time consuming but may identify opportunities not posted on Pivot or other foundation funding search databases. Keep in mind that you may not be able to save your search, so be sure to bookmark the pages of interest or add the URL to a table for future use.
The OU VPR, CRPDE, and OU Libraries provides COS Pivot to assist faculty, staff, and students search for funding opportunities in research development. COS Pivot is a comprehensive database that can be personalized for accurate and automated searches.

  • On-Campus Access: Faculty, staff, and students may access Pivot from any web browser within the OU network at
  • Off-Campus Access: Profile accounts must be created while on campus, then users may log into Pivot for searching from off-campus web browsers.

COS Pivot provides instructions and support at their website: We highly recommended these instructional videos for getting started:

Basic Searches (1:35)

Advanced Searches (6:12)

Navigating Results (3:22)
More videos, including searching by sponsor and tracking opportunities, can be found here: