The Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment was established in July 2010 to assist OU faculty, research scientists, postdocs and graduate students in their efforts to build strong and competitive programs for research, scholarship and creative activities. The Center facilitates this effort by helping researchers to think and plan long-term about their approaches to their research careers. Other services include helping researchers to identify funding opportunities for research projects, assisting with the development of proposals for external funding, and identifying and leveraging University resources to strengthen research programs and projects.

Phone: 405.325.0268

Fax: 405.325.6029


We are also accessible by Zoom, Skype, Polycom and other videoconferencing services


Find Us: We are located in Suite 3300 (third floor) of Five Partners Place on the Research Campus of the University of Oklahoma. Parking is ample! Or use CART's 30 min Research Shuttle.

Mailing Address:

Five Partners Place, Suite 3100
201 Stephenson Parkway
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73072

Research Program Consulting
  • Short- and Long-term research program brainstorming and planning
  • Research approach and program evaluation
  • Assistance in identifying and leveraging OU resources and programs
  • Facilitating and identifying partnerships and collaborations within and beyond the university
  • Junior Faculty Individualized Research Plans (iRep)
  • Planning, coordination, and facilitation of new initiatives
  • Availability of meeting and team-building space
  • Participation in efforts to strengthen college and departmental research strategies
  • Center-level activity support, planning, and evaluation
  • Support for discussion groups related to topics of research interests
  • Workshops related to research development, team development and proposal development for faculty, research staff, postdocs and graduate students

Funding Opportunities

  • Guided and independent access to funding search tools, such as Pivot and Foundation Directory Online
  • Assistance in crafting a strategic approach to respond to funding opportunities
  • Collaboration with University Development to integrate public/private funding strategies
  • Assistance with identification of funding programs and sponsors appropriate to research expertise and interests
  • Alignment and analysis of funding opportunity fit to faculty research goals
  • Funding solicitation guidance and review
  • Coordination of OU’s limited submissions process for external funding

Proposal Assistance

  • Assistance with maximizing responsiveness to funding opportunities
  • Guidance and tools to organize and manage the proposal process
  • Proposal management support for large, multi-investigator projects
  • Providing applicable proposal resources (boilerplates, templates, example proposals)
  • Consultation on internal OU processes (routing, requests for cost sharing, etc.)
  • Assistance with the development and review of Fellowship proposals (internal and external)
  • Consultation on proposals for internal funding through the Research Council
  • Consultation on non-technical components of proposals, such as:
    • Education and Training Programs
    • Broadening Participation
    • Broader Impacts and Outreach Programs
    • Industry Collaboration
    • Non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) Collaboration
    • Letters of Commitment and/or Support
    • Postdoctoral Mentoring
    • Data Sharing and Management Plans
    • Research Management Plans
    • Timelines and Gantt Charts
    • Biosketches, Current and Pending reports, Facilities descriptions
    • Program Assessment/Evaluation, logic models, and theories of change
Note: CRPDE makes every effort to provide as much consultation and review of proposals as time permits. Due to high demand for our services, we are able to best assist faculty that approach us six months or more before solicitation deadlines.

Alicia J. Knoedler, CRA, Ph.D.
Executive Associate Vice President for Research
Executive Director, CRPDE
Phone: 405.325.9433
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Curriculum Vitae

Strategic Research Development; Faculty Development; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Mixed Research Methods and Analysis; Leadership; Broadening Participation; Team Development; Funding Source Evaluation;  Project Evaluation; EPSCoR; Proposal Development; Strategic Research Analysis; Career Development

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Todd Fuller, Ph.D.
Associate Director, CRPDE
Phone: 405.325.1951
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Curriculum Vitae

Cindy G. Clark, M.Ed.
Program Development Coordinator, CRPDE
Phone: 405.325.3714
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Research Program Development; Proposal Development, Faculty Training and Development, Team Development, Funding Source Evaluation

Marilyn L. Korhonen, Ed.D.
Associate Director, CRPDE
Phone: 405.325.0268
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Curriculum Vitae

Faculty Development, Interdisciplinary Connections, Professional Coaching, Program / Strategic Development

Susan Dubbs
Center Administrator, CRPDE
Phone: 405.325.0268
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J. Quyen Wickham, M.A.
Strategic Research Coordinator, CRPDE
Postdoctoral Coordinator, OU Norman
Multi-campus Research Liaison, OUVPR
Graduate Council Liaison, OUVPR
Data Information Specialist, OU Libraries
Phone: 405.325.7748
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Curriculum Vitae

Proposal Development, Staff Professional Development, Interdisciplinary / Team Science, Project Evaluation, Qualitative Methods, Organizational Development, Technology Training, Strategic Planning, Partnership Development, Funding Source Evaluation, Health & Social/Behavioral Research

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In an effort to communicate changes concerning research at OU, CRPDE has developed a one-page newsletter, Research Reminders, to help faculty stay more informed. Much of the information is already online but the newsletter can help faculty find information more quickly or serve as a reminder of where to go for more information.

If you have any suggestions for future content for the newsletters, don't hesitate to contact CRPDE at

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  • Clarification: CEDaR services are free to College of Education faculty. Other faculty may incur fees for services.
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